Arnae – Bio

Sympley Nae

Sympleynae was born E. Arnae Carpenter to Mary and Lloyd Carpenter, Sr. She comes from a very spiritual family. Both her parents, as well as, both sets of grandparents are 2nd and 3rd generation members of Church of God in Christ (COGIC). Her parents and grandparents believed in a spiritual foundation and served the church in many capacities, as Pastors, Superintendents, District Missionary, and Supervisor of Women for many years and also taught their children about the love of God and the value of being good stewards to the Ministry.

Continuing the family Legacy, Sympleynae answered the Call to Ministry in 2013 and was ordained and licensed a minister at her church where she serves faithfully as the Director of Music. She is responsible for teaching parts, selecting songs and conducting rehearsals. She is a Primary Sunday School teacher as well. She enjoys helping others to experience the love of God where her mantra is John 3:16.

The name “Sympleynae” was born around her 18th birthday when one of her aunts stated that she could no longer call her “Nae Nae” as she was no longer a little girl. She would call her by her formal name of E. Arnae. Sympleynae’s response was that she had never read anywhere in the Bible where Jesus was referred by his formal name or “Mr. Christ”. As her desire was to be more like Him, she considered that she was not any greater or better than anyone else; therefore, Simply Nae would do.

She loves singing, writing songs, traveling working with children doing arts and crafts and encouraging others by letting the love of God shine through her.